I’m “Octavia Octopus - The Mischievous Mistress of the Creative Mindset” a serial entrepreneur in arts, fashion and music. My newest venture is an eclectic mash-up of all three!
 Rockin’ Octopus is sprouting its first tentacle with my line of fabulous luxe faux fur hats for big “kids”. I have been making and selling hundreds of them for the past 5 years, so they get to start the Octopus rockin’! More tentacles to come including crazy knits, a line of lingerie and courses in Creative Thinking.
I have always been passionate about art and design and Rock and Roll! If there is a form of art, fashion or music I have probably done it. I owned an art gallery for local artists and fashion designers, and put in a stage to host live local bands. I even wrote music and played drums in a band for a bit!

 I love making these hats because they are pure simple fun to wear, comfortable, classic, plus nice and toasty warm. My customers always leave reviews about how much attention they get while wearing them - instant ice-breakers wherever you go!
Put on one of my hats and it’s only a matter of time before it sparks a conversation or compliment.

Don't forget to get your Octopus on!